Job Posting – Accounting Assistant

Job Posting – Accounting Assistant

KH Burch Kientz is hiring for a full-time, permanent position starting in September 2018. This position will include assisting in preliminary preparation of year ends, Canadian & US tax returns and bookkeeping. The position also includes reception coverage and other client contact.

The person in this position:

  • Manages time effectively by prioritizing tasks and able to work to deadlines
  • Able to communicate effectively with team members, clients and others
  • Pays attention to detail and focuses on accuracy
  • Able to multi-task and change direction quickly
  • Accepts responsibility for completing work assigned
  • Maintains effective performance under pressure
  • Adheres to standards and procedures, maintains confidentiality
  • Able to take initiative and identify opportunities to improve effectiveness
  • Interested in continually learning and professional growth
  • Adapts to changing technology and environment
  • Has a professional manner and appearance

Starting pay will be based on the level of experience and education in related areas. Applicant must have good working knowledge of computers. We will provide training and are willing to support furthering your education in areas related to your employment with us.

A full job description can be downloaded here: Accounting Assistant Job Description

KH Burch Kientz has been in business for over 38 years, we are a growing firm offering a full range of accounting, auditing, tax, and consultation services.

Email resumes to

Closing Date: August 30, 2018

CPA student

Kemp Harvey Burch Kientz, in Grand Forks, BC, is an approved training office, hiring for a full-time permanent position. We are looking for a CPA student, interested in public practice, who wants to gain experience in a growing firm offering a full range of accounting, auditing and tax services. Work will include compilation, review and audit engagements, preparation of personal and corporate tax returns, client bookkeeping and opportunities for experience in other areas.

A commitment to pursuing the CPA designation and completing the relevant designation pre-requisites. Must be enrolled in the CPA Prerequisite or Professional Education program, or have a demonstrated plan to achieve that goal.

Strong computer skills, attention to detail and focus on accuracy are required.  Must be highly motivated to learn and have excellent interpersonal skills and have the ability to work in a fast paced environment and meet deadlines. Experience with Caseware, Quickbooks, Sage Accounting, Microsoft Office applications and tax preparation software is an asset. Starting pay will be based on the level of experience in public practice.

We are a growing firm, in business for over 30 years, offering a full range of accounting, auditing and tax services able to provide you with a working environment that will enable you to experience and learn a diverse set of skills. Compensation will be dependant on the level of applicable experience.

We are proud members of the Kemp Harvey Group, a network of eight offices located throughout the province. For more information on our firm and the Group, please visit

Please send your resume and a cover letter to, closing date it November 30, 2015

Now Offering US Tax Preparation Services for Individuals


Are you a US Citizen of Green card holder?

If you are a US citizen or green card holder, you are required to file a 1040 – US Individual Income Tax Return every year, regardless of what country you reside in.

Are you a Canadian Citizen who lives, works or has property in the US?

If you are a Canadian citizen resident in the US (watch for “Snowbird” rules), have US earned income or US revenue generating properties you may be required to file.

What are you required to file?

In addition to an Income Tax Return, you may have additional filing requirements based on your circumstances, which include but are not limited to:

  • Financial accounts outside the US exceeding $10,000 at any time during the year.
  • Ownership of RRSPs, Tax free savings accounts or Canadian mutual funds.
  • Non-US earned income exceeds the maximum allowed income exclusion.

When do you have to file?

 Filing deadlines for US income tax returns are generally April 15.

What happens if you don’t file?

 The US Government is taking a variety of measures to ensure compliance with their filing requirements, including scrutinizing passports for evidence of country of birth, which may result in travelling restrictions in the US and sharing of information with Canadian financial institutions. Significant penalties apply for non-compliance even though, in most cases, no taxes result from the filing of returns.

If you feel you may have a requirement to file a US Income tax return, contact the Burnaby office at (604) 291-1470 or the Grand Forks office at (250) 442-2121 to make an appointment to ensure you are in compliance with US Taxation regulations and that your Canadian and US Tax returns are prepared to fully utilize the US/Canada Tax treaty and minimize your taxes.



Snowbirds: Check Your Days

snowbirdnewsletterEach year, as the autumn leaves start to fall, many Canadian retirees head to the Southern States to soak up the sun.

Recently, many of these migrating “snowbirds” have been the focus of discussion due to increased vigilance by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding the filing of Form 8840. If you, a Canadian citizen, spend an average of 4 months each year in the United States, you and your accountant should discuss the potential requirement for filing this form.

The IRS uses a formula to calculate visitors’ eligibility. To illustrate this formula, let us use an example of a fictional Canadian snowbird, Jane Doe. For many years, Jane would leave Canada on November 1, travel to Arizona, and then return home to Canada on March 31. During the spring of 2012, Jane discussed with her accountant the possibility of filing the IRS Form 8840. In order to determine this need, they added the following three amounts:

• the total number of days Jane spent in the USA during the prior year (January to March 2011: 90 days; November to December 2011: 61 days; 90 + 61 = 151);

• the number of days Jane spent in the USA two years ago (January to March 2010: 90; November to December 2010: 61; 90 + 61 = 151) multiplied by 1/3 (151 * 1/3 =50.33);

• the number of days Jane spent in the USA three years ago (January to March 2009: 90; November to December 2009: 61; 90 + 61 = 151) multiplied by 1/6 (151 * 1/6 = 25.16).

Jane’s formula total was 226.49 (151+ 50.33+25.16). Jane and her accountant realized this total was greater than the 183-day threshold, so Jane was required to file Form 8840 by June 15, 2012. All Canadian travellers who calculate a formula total more than 183 days must file IRS Form 8840. The form includes a list of questions determining how closely one is linked with the United States. Individuals who file this IRS Form 8840 are exempt from filing a personal income tax return in the United States.

If you would like assistance with the filing of this form, please contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office more information.

Christmas Hours

xKemp Harvey Burch Kientz Inc will be closed for the Christmas season from December 21 to January 5, 2014.

Normal hours of operation will resume Monday, January 6.

Have a safe and happy holiday!