Kemp Harvey Group Annual PD session

We had a great session with all the offices coming together to get the annual tax update, Caseware session and a good session on office ergonomics.

I was happy to watch everyone to the “on the floor” session.  Thanks everyone for attending!

Office Ergonomics

Coming soon: autumn newsletter

By the beginning of November, Kemp Harvey Group clients can look forward to receiving their autumn newsletter.

It is full of interesting and practical tax-related topics.

Happy Autumn!  Enjoy!


The Kemp Harvey Group consists of mutually supportive partnerships located throughout British Columbia. We offer many services to our clients, including:


Purchase and Sale of Business

Financing Proposals

Budget and Cash Flow Projections

Estate and Elder Care

Computer Consulting

Management and Advisory Services

Bookkeeping and Data Processing

Accounting and Auditing

Corporate and Personal Taxation

Personal Financial Planning



Only one thing is certain when buying or selling a business… the deal will crash and burn at least three times before it is completed!

The professional advice that the partners of the Kemp Harvey Group give will cost you a fee, but that advice should make your journey into owning your own business or selling your business, much safer in the long run, and might possibly save you a lot of money.

If you are buying, we will help you decide whether or not you should buy the assets of the business (most often preferred), or buy the shares of the business (which attracts the tax history of the business). We will help you through the perils of making an informed decision and give you the tools to be an effective owner. Sometimes our advice might be to walk away from what looks like a good deal (which may be too good to be true). We can provide you with the tools to perform an effective “due diligence” process to protect you from unforeseen pitfalls and areas of concern. We are able to help you with your financing options and assist you in the presentations to your bankers.

If you are selling, we will help you decide what it is you are really selling, guide you into finding out what the real market price might be and help organize your affairs to minimize any tax consequences that may arise as a result of the sale. It is vital to a prospective purchaser that they have correct and reliable information on which to base their decision. Typically this consists of several year end financial statements and tax returns prepared by professionals. We can help you prepare your information into a package that the buyer and their bankers can accept and help you while the “due diligence” process is being followed.

Buying or selling a business is a very exciting time and as professionals, we can be great “backstops” when too much enthusiasm meets too little substance.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office if you require information on buying or selling.

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From time to time, businesses request new financing, usually from a bank, but sometimes from other sources. No matter who the lender is, the most effective way of securing appropriate and adequate credit facilities is to submit a professionally prepared and realistic financing proposal.

The Kemp Harvey Group partners are fully conversant with the various financing options available to small and medium sized businesses. We can advise you of the best alternative, assist you in compiling the information necessary, calculate financing requirements and prepare a highly effective proposal for discussion with possible lenders. We can even accompany you to the financial institutions to assist in explaining the details of the proposal.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office to increase your chances of a successful loan proposal.

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Business success means something different to everyone. But whatever it is to you, success requires goal setting. The Kemp Harvey Group understands that helping you achieve goals is paramount in the service we provide to you.

In order to achieve your goals, we will help you determine what your cash flow requirements are and focus on revenue levels and lending requirements needed to achieve them. We will prepare a one to five year ongoing projection for your business and help you compare it with actual results to measure your performance.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office to prepare your budget and cash flow projections for your business.

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The Kemp Harvey Group approach to estate planning is different. As accountants, we have the skills to complete estate planning engagement entirely “in house.” However, we have found that the most effective way of achieving an appropriate estate plan, is to involve other professionals.

We work closely with investment advisors, life underwriters and financial institutions to coordinate the myriad of financial information, personal goals, retirement and income issues that must be considered in drafting the estate plan.

Our main advantage is our tax knowledge. Minimizing tax is an extremely important component of estate planning and each decision regarding an investment or a retirement vehicle must be considered in relation to its tax affect. We work with tax issues daily and all Kemp Harvey Group partners are fully familiar with the tax rules that affect estate and investment planning. Our education and experience also include economics, investments and law. With this broad range of relevant knowledge we act as coordinators, assisting your other advisors in the development of your estate plan.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office for a review of your current estate plan or for preparation of a new one.

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The Kemp Harvey Group prides itself on its dedication to provide our clients with modern, innovative and relevant financial information. One important reason for being able to provide our clients with this information is the high level of computerization in our offices.

This expertise in computers allows us to provide you with independent consulting on computer software and hardware. Whether you are a first time buyer looking to set up your books on the computer or wanting to change to a networked Point of Sales system, the Kemp Harvey Group can help you make the decision and implement the solution.

While we do not sell or install the hardware, we can advise you on the suitability of it for specific needs. We do not sell accounting software but we can advise you on it and can either arrange training for you either by our staff or by outside consultants.

Our independence from the selling of hardware and software combined with our knowledge of your business leaves us in the unique position of being able to provide you with an informed, independent assessment of your computer needs and help you arrive at a cost effective solution to your computing needs.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office for an independent assessment of your business computing needs.

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Business today faces a multiple of concerns and decisions to be made. How do one or two people in the management of a business possess all the necessary knowledge to make all the decisions required? The truth is, they don’t, they do however have the knowledge to seek out professional assistance. The Kemp Harvey Group, partners and staff daily help the managers and owners of our clients make decisions which affect their business.

You do not have to stand alone in business decisions when you engage the professionals of the Kemp Harvey Group. We help with the analysis of the problems, the options available, the overall impact of the decision and provide our clients with the support they need. Our clients contact us when they have a problem because our goal is to help provide the solutions.

The problems faced today in the business world are many. Should I purchase or lease an asset, increase/decrease staff, expand the business, what are the current payroll rules, what should the gross margin be, these are just examples of real problems faced today.

Some solutions are handled on the initial contact, other solutions will require research and analysis.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office when you are faced with a business decision, and need independent advice.

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The basis of any effective accounting system is the underlying bookkeeping or data processing. If completed appropriately, the bookkeeping and data processing can provide accurate management tools on a monthly basis, and substantially reduce the annual cost of financial statement and tax return preparation.

The Kemp Harvey Group partners recognize the importance of an excellent and appropriate bookkeeping or data processing system. We work with our clients to assist in establishing the most appropriate and cost-effective system, depending on the size and nature of the business. While we can complete all bookkeeping and data processing in our offices, we have often found it to be in our clients’ best interests for this work to be done by the clients themselves or engage an independent bookkeeper.  We often work closely with both the client and independent bookkeeper to ensure the books are both accurate and in a form that will assist us in preparing your year end statements.

We are familiar with a wide range of computerized bookkeeping systems, and of course all manual systems.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office to discuss your bookkeeping or data processing requirements.

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As the primary service provided by the Kemp Harvey Group offices, year-end accounting procedures have been fine tuned. We utilize detailed checklists to allow our qualified staff to focus on the most important issues, and to complete the accounting in an efficient and effective way. We recommend the most appropriate type of engagement, either review, compilation or simple tax schedule. We work closely with our clients to assure that the year end accounting is something to be looked forward to, rather than an unpleasant task imposed by Revenue Canada.

The Kemp Harvey Group partners have established an excellent reputation in the accounting and auditing community. They are very proud to have been the first Certified General Accounting firm appointed as auditors of a British Columbia crown corporation. This experience, along with that of hundreds of other auditing engagements, has given them the skills, knowledge and education required to conduct efficient and effective audits of almost any company, society or government entity.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office for an accounting or auditing proposal.

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Taxation is here to stay and you will continue to pay taxes. The goal of the Kemp Harvey Group is to minimize the amount of taxes our clients pay, whether they are corporations (local or national), individuals, family owned business or a home-based business.

The Kemp Harvey Group partners make it a priority to know taxes and the changes that are made every year by both the federal and provincial governments. To form a solid and workable tax planning approach the Kemp Harvey Group takes the time necessary to understand each clients personal and business situation so recommendations to minimize taxes are based on your particular situation.

In fact, one of the Kemp Harvey Group partners writes tax articles for the Certified General Accountants Magazine of Canada, has completed a two-year in-depth tax course and presents tax seminars to other members of the Certified General Accountants Association. Just one indication of our commitment to greater knowledge of tax so our clients have confidence in our recommendations.

All the Kemp Harvey Group offices have been authorized by Revenue Canada Taxation to act as agents to prepare and electronically file your personal income tax returns.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office for professional help to minimize your tax situation and guide you through the maze of tax rules and legislation.

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Personal Financial Planning may involve as little as preparing a budget of monthly expenses or as much as planning for a full and financially independent retirement. Generally it is reviewing your financial goals and requirements and putting a plan in place that will permit their realization.

We all have goals and dreams for our lives. However, without adequate planning, we will not likely achieve these goals and dreams. Without a plan, you are reactive instead of proactive. You do not control the events of your life. Rather, you are like a twig being carried down a stream, going only where the stream takes you. A sound financial plan, reviewed on a regular basis, will help you avoid being the twig in the stream, and help you achieve your goals.

The Kemp Harvey Group are “fee-for-service” financial advisors. As such, we are able to prepare financial plans with your best interests in mind since we have nothing to sell you but our services.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office for a review of your current personal financial plan or for preparation of a new one.

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