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Checklist helps during tax season

Are you gathering all of your 2013 tax slips together?  Do you need a bit of help?  Please take a few minutes to peruse the pages of our most recent newsletter and review our helpful personal tax checklist. Click here to look at our newest release: Kemp Harvey Group January 2014 Newsletter .

Taxpayers face changes globally, locally

The balmy summer has almost wrapped up, but the pages of the Kemp Harvey Group newsletter are full of interesting information to carry you into the golden autumn months. Review this issue which features news pertaining to certain global investors and world-wide real estate owners, as well as company shareholders.  Also, the document highlights some new programs for young families in […]

Kemp Harvey Group leads “Be the Kidney Initiative”

Employees of Kemp Harvey Group offices across British Columbia will receive an extra helping hand if they choose to become a living organ donor. Kemp Harvey Group is pioneering as the first employer to participate in the newly-launched “Be the Kidney Initiative”. The “Be the Kidney Initiative” is a wage-top up program for employees who are taking medical leave in […]

Autumn newsletter highlights new renovation tax credit

The provincial government is encouraging seniors to make their home more accessible and safe, by offering a new home renovation tax credit.  Clients should speak with their accountants in order to utilize this opportunity for cash-back on home-related expenditures. Also, seniors who travel south each year may want to tell their local CGA the number of days they are […]

Kemp Harvey partner featured in CGA-BC magazine

Terry Craig, Kemp Harvey Kemp Inc. partner and CGA, was featured in the autumn issue of the CGA-BC Outlook magazine. Craig’s recent Ultraman Canada participation, as well as his mission to break down barriers preventing living organ donation, were highlighted in the publication. Please click on this link to see the Outlook article and photos:  CGA Outlook Magazine Autumn […]